WabiSabi4, 9x20 paint on wood WabiSabi3, 9x20 paint on wood WabiSabi2, 9x20 paint on wood WabiSabi2, 24x48 paint on wood WabiSabi9, 24x48 paint on wood WabiSabi1, 24x48 paint on wood WabiSabi7, 24x48 paint on wood WabiSabi11, 24x48 paint on wood urban1 MIXED7 MIXED6 tweettweet






Please contact the artist for information about sales of original paintings and prints.
Prints are available in a range of sizes and materials.
The prices of original paintings are based on size and complexity of the piece.
Email: Dave.Visionism.Art@gmail.com
Telephone (Send Text Message Only): 510.219.3901